Case Study: Distribution Company


This medical supplies company had four offices in the UK and one distribution depot based in Midlands. Core sales and marketing functions were split between Manchester and London.

Several customers complained of delays in answering calls and staff not returning their calls. They idenitified these issues were stifling their growth.

Following personal recommendation, Simplisity was invited to evaluate their phone operations and recommend improvements to their telecoms.


Simplsity Solution:
  • 0800 numbers
  • IP Phone System (With Gateways to existing older style phone systems)
  • IP WAN
Business Benefits:
  • Increase income
  • Improved workforce efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Expansion

The Simplisity approach:

We had several meetings with key divisions including Marketing, Sales, production and dispatch. This gave us a picture of the company ambition. Each division already had some good ideas for improvement. The common issue was finding anyone who could understand and translate these ideas into a deliverable solution.

We plotted these issues and scored them in order of importance to develop a roadmap towards an integrated business. The roadmap and roll out plan was agreed with focus to take the quick wins early. We found that only 20% of incoming calls were unanswered. A further 9% of calls took over 40 seconds before answering!

Phase 1: Introduced 0800 Freefone numbers for sales with a unique number for their premium customers.

Phase 2: We installed a new IP phone system at HQ.

Phase 3: To protect their previous investment in Hardware, we used VoIP gateways at the four remote offices to give an integrated company wide voice network.

Phase 4: The voice network is being integrated with the customer database to improve marketing.

The result:

The introduction of 0800 numbers with a new IP phone system in head office lead to initial call answer rates of 96% in under 20 seconds and 100% in 26 seconds.

Different 0800 numbers gave marketing the tools to evaluate what promotions were working and to measure each campaign's success regionally. They could now grow the business in areas where demand was highest.

Sales growth is projected at 6% this year with 15% 2 year growth, mostly from repeat orders.

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