BlackBerry® is a leading and well-proven wireless business tool. It keeps your mobile professionals connected to the people, data and resources that drive their day.

BlackBerry® keeps you ‘in-the-loop’ while you’re on the go and automatically delivers email and other data to your BlackBerry® device. The integrated phone, SMS, browser and organiser applications ensure you can easily manage all your information and communications from a single, integrated device… wherever you may be.

Collaborate and communicate more effectively and enhance your competitive advantage by responding quicker and making decisions faster. BlackBerry® is a great tool to stay connected and take care of your business while you’re on the go.

Key features and benefits
  • Single, integrated device for all your data and voice needs.
  • Read and reply to action your email from anywhere
  • Real time access to your Diary, Contacts, SMS Texts as well as being a phone
  • The minute you receive an email it can be read and dealt with from your BlackBerry®
  • View email attachments in popular document formats
  • Very Easy to use
  • Wide choice of devices and network providers
  • Advanced security giving you full control over the
    information flow
  • GPS Navigation options to help find your way to appointments
  • Very long battery life
  • Integrates to your existing IT system giving you control and device management.
Blackberry 8800

Simplisity will help you choose from a range of network providers, devices and server platforms to suit your business needs and existing email environment. Contact us on 01923 200000 now.

Why Simplisity for your BlackBerry®

There are endless companies selling BlackBerry® in the market today. We have both the mobile and IT expertise that is essential if the BlackBerry® is to be perfectly moulded to your business.

Also, because we are completely independent of any mobile network or IT platform, you will have the reassurance that we will offer you what is best for your business and not best for us.

It may be that there are other devices or applications that are more suitable for some of your employees. Again, we have the expertise to deliver a blend of services to boost your productivity.

The difference with Simplisity is the amount of business bolt-ons we supply that make the BlackBerry® more than an email device.

What else will the BlackBerry® do?

For instance, your BlackBerry® can become a navigator… find your way to appointments easily. We have specific Legal and accountancy packages helping you to integrate streamline billing and make more money.

Wireless LAN integration

We can integrate the BlackBerry® into your wireless LAN environment. This could help you deliver workflow enhancements to employees whose jobs require on-premises mobility.

  • Engineers can roam from office to plant floor and stay connected by phone and email
  • Shift supervisors can wirelessly access intranet information to handle staffing issues
  • Facilities workers can order parts and clear trouble tickets from locations throughout the organisation
  • Purchasing agents can place or receive phone calls while on the go and email orders to suppliers from on-site
  • Project managers can set-up meetings from locations throughout the office campus.
Safe and secure
  • The BlackBerry® fully complies with secure data transmission and protection standards, using Triple DES and/or AES encryption
  • Enables access to other data sources and applications, driving increased ROI on systems investment
  • Customisable Java platform enables bespoke development.
Easy to set up and use

Flexibility has never been simpler. Here's how easy it is to set up and use:

Set-up is easy: Setting up your BlackBerry® device to send and receive email from your email accounts is quick and easy. And it’s just a few clicks away. You can do it online at your computer, or right from the device. In no time, you’ll be exchanging email with your staff, customers or clients, from virtually anywhere you go.

Open attachments on the go: View popular attachment formats including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect® and Adobe® PDF. Whether it’s a key file from work or a photo from a friend, you’ve got access when you want it. And now, you can review PowerPoint presentations in an easy-to-use slideshow format.

Create a unique BlackBerry® email address: Could you use an extra email account? Or an address you can reserve for close contacts? You have the option to choose a unique BlackBerry® email address. Messages sent to this address are received and stored right on your BlackBerry® device, so you never need to use a desktop computer to manage the account.

Manage your email accounts from just about anywhere. You can add up to 10 business and/or personal email accounts easily and configure each one individually. With multiple ‘Sent From’ email addresses, you choose the account you want to reply or compose from and each email account will have a separate inbox on the BlackBerry® device. And there are no email storage quotas to manage for email accounts that are integrated with your BlackBerry® device – auto-aging means the mailbox never gets full.

Plus, you can manage all your email accounts directly from your BlackBerry® device: your desktop account is updated whenever you send, delete or read a message on your BlackBerry® device. You save time because you don’t have to manage your accounts in two places: read a message on your BlackBerry® device and it’s marked as read when you return to your computer

GPS navigation

The Navigation option will turn your BlackBerry® into a complete GPS navigation device. Driving or walking it provides guidance with voice, graphics and text.

You can optimise routes for speed or distance when driving, or receive true pedestrian routes when walking. Route corridor technology ensures guidance continues when going off route even if you are not within an area of cellular coverage.

BlackBerry® Navigator guides you with the best route possible from any origin to any destination, be it an address, crossroad, point of interest (POI) or postcode. Furthermore, this Navigator provides you with full mapping functionality displaying dynamic, print-quality maps that allow you to explore your surrounding area. You can even link this to your address book and enjoy single-click navigation to any of your contacts.

blackberry gps

Not convinced you can spoil some if not all of your staff and make it pay?

Contact us on 01923 200000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now for more information or a free BlackBerry® trial.