Cutting Mobile Call Costs


Company A saved
£24,000 a year when we combined their Mobile
with a Gateway solution

Company Z improved
workforce efficiency by
11% when they went to BlackBerry®.


Mobile call tariffs multiply each week. Simplisity can steer you through the maze and offer you a sensible choice of tariffs to suit your Mobile requirements. Our independence gives you the reassurance that we have no preference over any network and we represent your best interests at heart. This also guarantees you get the right tariff for your business.

We work with all five of the UK’s networks: T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, and 3.

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Some of the most popular options include:
  • Free intra-company calling:
    Mobile - Mobile - Office
  • Bundled minute and Text message options
  • Getting out of existing expensive contracts early
  • Managed migration to take your existing numbers with you
  • Cash back incentives
  • Existing handset buy-back options
  • Email on the go solutions
  • WiFi and Data cards for Laptops
  • Replace and repair insurance services.

You will have the reassurance that we are committed to providing you with the best service and independent advice available within the communications industry. We also guarantee to promote the best interests of your business at all times.

If you know what you need call us right now at Simplisity Tel: 01923 200000 or for more information read on…

We offer the full range mobile access products and handsets to help you meet the different needs of mobile users. We can provide BlackBerry®, Pocket PC (PDA) and laptop based solutions using GPRS, UMTS (3G), Public WLAN (Wi-Fi) connectivity or ADSL broadband services.

Other Services

Mobile Handsets: We can supply any handset from the leading suppliers. For more information on handsets, click here.

BlackBerry®: An outstanding product that will transform your workforce effectiveness. Provides you with access to your address book, diary, internet and routemaps/roads.

Mobile Data Access: With very fast speeds mobile working is now a reality.

Get access to your corporate organisation as if you were sitting at your desk. Security comes as standard.

Mobile Gateways:Reducing fixed to mobile call charges by up to 65%. Click here for more information.

Security: Upload your records daily. Ensure your phone is instantly disabled if lost or stolen.

Mobile Phone Bill Analysis: Track your call costs to mobiles, regular monitoring by division, cost centre, individual user cuts cost by 20% to 30%.

Supplier Re-negotiation: If you have over a hundred handsets we will guarantee to get you a better price.

Convergence: Your staff need only carry around one phone handset with them. When they are in the office, their handset is an extension off your system. When they’re out… again, its still a handset off your system.

Integration & Consultancy: Simplisity will analyse your systems and operations to identify any benefits mobility might offer. Our recommendations will detail the options and how they enable you to meet your objectives.

SMS Gateways: Why not send text messages from your office email system. A great way to disseminate information in the fastest time at the lowest cost.

For detailed discussion or more information call us today on Simplisity Tel: 01923 200000 or email us stating your interest on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will call you.