Mobile Phone & PDA Security


Just Think! ............
What the wrong pair of
hands could do with all
of the detailed data
stored on your mobile.


Losing your mobile phone is more than a just minor hiccup. Your modern mobile contains your contacts, calendar, notes, data, texts and personal information. Not only do you have the cost and inconvenience of replacement, but you're left personally very vulnerable.

Relax, we offer two services that are remarkably simple
  • Mobile Back-up
  • Mobile Office.
Mobile back-up

No need to panic should you lose your mobile phone. It takes just "2" unbelievably simple clicks on your mobile to set up and then every night while you are fast asleep, your phone is backed up. All your contacts. calendar, tasks, ring tones and your SMS messages backed-up safe and secure. And we can restore them to pretty much any phone in another "2" simple clicks.

You also get complete access to all your mobile phone records on your own personal web page. You can get access to this at any time and add or delete contacts, make changes and read SMS messages. All on line, only you can access this totally secure encrypted site.

Mobile Office

Mobile Office is an unbelievably simple way to get your email, contacts, diary and all the benefits of your office PC onto your mobile. In just eight clicks, you will enjoy all of the following:

Instant mobile email: You get email instantly and continuously straight to your mobile. You’re literally at your desk wherever you are. On the road, at the airport or the station, it makes no difference. It is your own Microsoft Outlook on your phone.

Everything in hand: All your contacts, notes, calendar and office documents in the palm of your hand… keeping you in control wherever you are.

Fully backed-up: Fully encrypted daily back-up. And it's automatic so you don’t have to do anything. All your contacts, your diary, text messages, music and ring tones are completely safeguarded.

Total lock: Complete lock of your phone if it is lost or stolen. Your phone is totally locked regardless of your network. It is useless even if the SIM card is removed. And, even greater consolation, the phone sounds an ear splitting alarm to render it useless to anyone else.

Complete Wipe: Complete and total wipe of all the data on your phone if it is lost or stolen, means your information cannot be accessed or used by anyone.

Fully Restore: Safeguards your information even if your phone is gone for good. It will fully restore all your information to your replacement handset so you are back to normal just as if nothing happened.

Virus Free: Virus protection is guaranteed. It updates four times an hour to shield your valuable information and incoming email to your phone.

Encrypted Security: All your data is held on a bank of encrypted military and government approved servers. This is why it cannot be hacked. The only person who can see your information is you.You enjoy complete fully and totally encrypted security.

You don’t need a degree in computer science, just a few simple clicks gives you protection on a daily basis. While we can’t make the world more scrupulous, we can offer protection and safeguard your mobile data.

You know it makes sense, so contact Simplisity right now. Tel: 01923 200000