Case Study Introduction

Simplisity has helped many enterprises from different industry sectors in the UK. Read our case studies and look at the way telecoms has helped their business.

Case Study A: Medical Supplies Company. See how Simplisity ensured all inbound calls were answered promptly and how we helped to fuel their business growth by 15%.

Case Study B: This Law company increased billing and customer responsiveness overnight. Do you want to know how BlackBerrys® will change your business too? Click here to find out.

Case Study C: This High Street Retailer reduced waiting time at tills by 8%. We also ensured that shelves were kept fully stocked.

Case Study D: Read how we helped this Facilities Management Company save over £54,000 per annum on costs calling mobiles.

Case Study E: Simplisity soon helped this growing Not for Profit association get their expansion back on track.

Case Study F: Simplisity have been helping many Maritime organisations reduce their call charge costs. Read how we saved this shipping company over 70% per year.

Case Study G: Want to know how we saved Service companies like this electrical contractor 43% of their mobile costs?

Case Study H: This business Centre was able to maximise business space and secure immediate and long term revenues from licensees… long after the licensees had moved on.

Case Study I: Saving time is saving money. See how our latest product is saviing one of our customers four man days per month. And you'll comply with VAT Section 33. Our analyser will ensure you fully undertsand your mobile phone bill.

Case Study J: Losing your mobile is no longer the end of the world. We fully secured the contents of this lost mobile in under four minutes. And, we restored the original contents to a replacement phone within 24 hrs.

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Case Study: Business Centres New Revenues


This Managed Office provider with several sites in prime locations was looking for ways to optimise capacity and to create new income streams. Traditional revenues from 'phone calls and internet access were falling, so increased supplementary revenue was key to their growth and sustainability.

Each Business Centre functioned as a stand alone. Switchboard operators were employed in each building and call answering times could be very long during peak periods. Due to lack of a telecom infrastructure and a network, they were unable to share resources between the centres. This lead to extra manning and increased staff costs overall.

In addition, some licensees had taken on more staff but couldn’t always justify the expense of renting more workstations, immediately.

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Case Study: Director Stays in Touch


This personal banking Manager was regularly entertaining clients as an essential part of his business.

Avid networking provided a personalised service to his key clients and his mobile phone was his critical business tool to stay in touch. Unfortunately, he had inadvertently misplaced his mobile twice in three months, rendering himself out of contact, but worse still, the names and numbers of VIP’s could be accessible to anyone who found his phone.

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Case Study: Electrical Contractor


This Electrical contractor employed 22 engineers working from a London and Luton base. They had been with their current mobile network for 4 years and still had 6 months to run on the current two year contract. The physical nature of their work meant that between two or three mobiles per month were damaged and broken.

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Case Study: Law Firm's move to BlackBerry®


This UK law firm with 70 solicitors (including 28 partners) work from three offices in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. They wanted to increase productivity and give a faster response to their client.

The working day was typically spent moving between office, client and court. Previously they had invested in laptops and mobile phones. The existing mobile contract still had eight months to run. Phone calls and additional billing tasks usually went unclaimed when the solicitors were out, due to unrecorded or inacurate paper billing from manual notes.

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Case Study: Maritime Operator


For a Greek Shipping Company, Simplisity saved £21,000 per annum on call charges. This was an overall saving of 70% against their existing telecom costs.


This maritime operator had very high call charges when making calls from mobiles to ships via Inmarsat Satellites. The cost of each call was over £6.50 per minute and compounded a fluctuation of over £1200.00 per month. It became very difficult to budget and predict expenditure.

Many mobile calls suffered from poor reception along the southern coastline, where many of the senior directors lived. This was quite frustrating when decisions were delayed due to missed or dropped calls and poor reception.

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