Case Study: Director Stays in Touch


This personal banking Manager was regularly entertaining clients as an essential part of his business.

Avid networking provided a personalised service to his key clients and his mobile phone was his critical business tool to stay in touch. Unfortunately, he had inadvertently misplaced his mobile twice in three months, rendering himself out of contact, but worse still, the names and numbers of VIP’s could be accessible to anyone who found his phone.


Simplsity Solution:
  • Mobile Back-up
  • 24 Hr Handset Replacement
Business Benefits:
  • Business continuity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved security

Simplisity Approach:

We provided a Mobile Back-up service that would automatically save his contacts, diary and text messages to a highly secure centre. This would happen overnight without any intervention.

He did lose his phone again and within 4 minutes of him alerting us, we rendered his phone and all of its contents useless. Even if the SIM was replaced, the phone could not be used or the contents accessed.

We replaced the handset by 2.30 the following day and the minute he turned the new phone on, all previous contacts, texts and appointments were restored.

He was so impressed with this, he has now purchased several PDA’s for his company to give better email contact to his clients. His fears of client confidentiality have turned from a negative into a positive. He can now differentiate his business further from his competitors through proven client confidentiality.

If client confidentiality or preserving your phone contents are important to you, please get in touch. It's so much simpler than you think and for very little cost too. Contact us now, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.