Case Study: Electrical Contractor


This Electrical contractor employed 22 engineers working from a London and Luton base. They had been with their current mobile network for 4 years and still had 6 months to run on the current two year contract. The physical nature of their work meant that between two or three mobiles per month were damaged and broken.


Simplsity Solution:
  • Changed tariff
  • Handset insurance.
Business Benefits:
  • Productivity increased by 4%
  • Saved over £18,000 p.a.
  • Risk Management.

The Simplisity approach:

We took an analysis of three months mobile bills to quickly establish their calling profile. Most of the calls were back to head office to order parts or mobiles to mobile between engineers..

We recommended they changed network onto a share scheme. Here they shared 10,000 minutes per month across all mobiles. This ironed out the differing peaks where some engineers made numerous calls on some jobs and few calls on others. In addition, this new tariff made all their calls to the office and between each others mobiles free.

We introduced a mobile back up service covered by an insurance scheme so whenever the phones broke the engineers only suffered a 24hr period without a handset. When the new mobile arrived, all information from the previous phone was restored over the air. This increased productivity greatly as well as saving money on the re-purchase of handsets.

We were able to end their previous contract eight months early through a buyout. They saved £1,200 per month on calls.

They were so please with the net benefit, they used three months savings for an unforgettable Christmas party! We think this helped staff retention too!

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