Case Study: Law Firm's move to BlackBerry®


This UK law firm with 70 solicitors (including 28 partners) work from three offices in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. They wanted to increase productivity and give a faster response to their client.

The working day was typically spent moving between office, client and court. Previously they had invested in laptops and mobile phones. The existing mobile contract still had eight months to run. Phone calls and additional billing tasks usually went unclaimed when the solicitors were out, due to unrecorded or inacurate paper billing from manual notes.


Simplisity Solution:
  • BlackBerrys®
  • Mobile contract
  • Remote working.
Business Benefits:
  • Increased income
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Cost savings.

The Simplisity approach:

We interviewed several partners and lawyers to build a profile of a “typical” working day. Laptops were carried at all times, but were too cumbersome to use during short recesses. They were only really used to access the office and email when working from home.

We trialled five BlackBerrys® with Bluetooth giving their Laptops remote mobile access and analysed their existing mobile contract to check it was optimised for their business.

The result:
  • Winding up lists became less arduous and late instructions could be received and acted on.
  • We installed a Carp Diem software solution to the BlackBerry® allowing more accurate billing records for accounting per client. This removed manual error and the double handling of a paper based process.
  • Productivity increased dramatically, during court delays as the Laptops could connect via the BlackBerry® to the company office.
  • Paper diaries became obsolete due to the BlackBerry® calendar function.
  • When we tried to replace the 5 trialled BlackBerrys® with permanent new replacements, the solicitors were reluctant to hand them back, even for 24 hours!

There is no doubt that the BlackBerry® and remote working is changing the way we work.

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