Case Study: Maritime Operator


For a Greek Shipping Company, Simplisity saved £21,000 per annum on call charges. This was an overall saving of 70% against their existing telecom costs.


This maritime operator had very high call charges when making calls from mobiles to ships via Inmarsat Satellites. The cost of each call was over £6.50 per minute and compounded a fluctuation of over £1200.00 per month. It became very difficult to budget and predict expenditure.

Many mobile calls suffered from poor reception along the southern coastline, where many of the senior directors lived. This was quite frustrating when decisions were delayed due to missed or dropped calls and poor reception.


Simplsity Solution:
  • Telecom audit (Fixed and Mobile)
  • Buy-out of existing contract.
  • Retention of existing numbers
Business Benefits:
  • Saving of £21,000 p.a.
  • Improved workforce efficiency
  • Risk Management.

The Simplisity approach

We wrote to five mobile networks on behalf of this company. As we had fully audited and analysed their telecom bills we were in a better position to negotiate with the networks. All five networks subsequently made an offer reducing their call costs to ships.

We made signal tests across all these networks to see which operator offered the best coverage.

Contracts were signed and the new network was implemented. We used our managed porting service to ensure no information/phone numbers etc were lost. We were on hand at their site that day just in case there were any teething troubles.

The result

They forecast a saving of £ 14,000 this year. The coverage problems have been eradicated and a great deal of time has been saved by no more dropped calls.

New handsets were provided and we remotely back-up the handsets to ensure business continuity in the event of a handset falling overboard or getting damaged by salt water spray.

We performed the same negotiation on their landlines and now they expect to make a further saving of £7,000.

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