Case Study: Securing an IT System


This facilities management company had over 400 remote engineers maintaining lifts, escalators and other power equipment for their customers. Most of the engineers were constantly out and about and the annual cost to phone them was in excess of £100,000 per annum

The company had recently won several contracts with local government. IT security became paramount to meeting government contractor guidelines. Governmental IT security auditors were due to survey their infrastructure to check compliance.


Simplisity Solution:
  • GSM Gateway
  • IT Security audit
  • IT Security deployment.
Business Benefits:
  • Saved £54,000 per annum
  • Watertight IT security protection
  • Expansion.

The Simplisity approach:

We installed a GSM gateway across the six regional offices and routed all calls to mobiles through them. This reduced call costs to mobiles by 48% saving bottom line costs of £54,000 per annum.

We used part of this saving to install a network based firewall that was centrally updated by leading security specialists. Laptops and regional office security solutions were deployed making outside penetration impossible.

  • The GSM Gateway savings funded the new security system.
  • Passed government audit and now have the necessary certification to bid for more complex contracts previously inaccessible to them.
  • Growth continues as they recently recruited a further 23 engineers.

Update: We are now discussing the job scheduling via Mobility services, including rugged PDA’s.

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