Case Study: Time is Money


This Service provider had grown to over 140 mobiles and found the administration of their mobile bills wasted 4 man days per month. That’s almost 50 days per year!


Every month the Financial Administrator would:

  • Audit nearly 500 pages of an itemised paper bill
  • Allocate costs to individual cost centres
  • Manually create internal reports
  • Check for mobile call abuse
  • Disseminate the information to department heads.

The department heads then had to:

  • Authorise their spend
  • Return it to administration for collation
  • Distribute the information to finance for approval and payment and VAT accountability.

In addition, they found they were still paying for several mobiles, even though the allocated users had long since left the company.

Simplsity Solution:
  • Mobile Bill Analyser
  • Telecoms Audit
Business Benefits:
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduced costs

Simplisity Approach:

We had two meetings with administration and finance staff to understand the internal cost centres within the business.

We configured the Mobile Bill Analyser to allocate mobile numbers to names.  These names were allocated to departments and cost centres.  The new 'soft' bill automatically generated reports within the Analyser for cost centre authorisation. The Analyser simply emailed these reports to managers for approval by a single click. Easy analysis tools ensured any aspect of mobile usage could be checked with different analysis privileges depending on job role.

Managers were alerted to excessive out of business hours usage and the top spenders were flagged to managers.  Sales Managers were given the ability to see how often key customers were contacted to help measure productivity.

Result and indirect benefits:

At least 3½  man days per month have been saved within Finance and Procurement alone.  Additional reductions of administration time by every mobile user has also been saved as well as avoiding any chance of manual errors.

This automated analysis has helped them better understand their company’s mobile call profile and they are now in an excellent bargaining position to reduce their bills even further when the mobile contract is up for renewal next quarter.

Although they were happy to allow a small amount of personal usage, it does mean that Finance could remove any claims for VAT on personal calls to ensure legal conformity with HM Customs and Excise Section 33.

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