Expert Independant Advice

Making sure your IT and Telecoms is automating and improving your business is what we're about.  You really will improve your business success by getting this right.  

We understand how daunting and confusing the IT and Telecoms industry is.  We have been working in Telecoms for over 25 years and there's probably not a single service we dont know about to Expert level.


  • Technical and Commercially skilled
  • Completely independant of any preferred solutions or suppliers

  • Recommend whats best for your business.  No two businesses are the same

  • Impartial and experienced

  • Extensive references for UK Business, Public Sector and Multinationals

  • Proven evidence of cost reductions

  • Experts in all areas of telecoms


Phone Bill Analyser

Are your mobile telecoms costs increasing year on year although rates and tariffs are constantly falling?

We have found that proper call cost analysis can reduce your costs by a further 20%-30%.

Help staff to itemise personal calls so you avoid any VAT penalties.

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Tariff Review

Keeping up to date witht eh ever changing world of tariffs

Telecoms Consultants

We help and assist many businesses with our advice and knowledge.  The type and breadth of advice we give is really down to you and what you need.  We know that no two businesses are the same. And, no two telecoms/IT services are the same

We help in many ways.  Typical areas we tend to help with fall in to 3 main categories:

  • Technical Help

  • Operational Assistance

  • Commercial Advice

Our success is in providing expert advice and support at a realistic cost. Our advice is always practical, realistic and ensures your business needs are prioritised.

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Supplier Renegotiation

You did the research, and think you’re getting the lowest telecom rates possible?

That your contracts are giving you optimal purchasing power?      Think again.

The difference between rates that are “average” and “world class” is as much as 40 percent… and only 5 percent of negotiated contracts are considered to be world class!

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Telecoms Audit

So you want to review the cost and performance of your telecommunications?

This may just be a matter of cost savings or for other performance related issues, or forthcoming business changes.

Simplisity's telecoms audit is an independant service to detail whatever you need to know.  All audits are guaranteed and suitable for any mix of telecoms services.

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Tender Writing


Writing any tender is a long and arduous process.  Especially as you probably only procure every 3 years.

Leave this hassle and pain to us.

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