Phone Bill Analyser

Are your mobile telecoms costs increasing year on year although rates and tariffs are constantly falling?

We have found that proper call cost analysis can reduce your costs by a further 20%-30%.

Help staff to itemise personal calls so you avoid any VAT penalties.



“You cannot treat VAT
incurred on purchases of
goods and services as
input tax unless you
intend to use those
goods or services for the
purpose of your

Section 33 of the
Customs & Excise VAT Guide (700)





Our mobile phone bill analyser helps you:
* Reduce your costs
* Increase your income
* VAT compliance
* Monitor staff productivity
* Save administrative time
* Keep track of your telephone equipment.

It provides simple to understand customised reports. From high level divisional reports to departmental cost centres down to individual staff call costs.

We can work with any mobile operators or combination of operators to provide the bill analysis you need in the format you want. And for added value, it’s a great way to check that you are on the best possible tariff.

Examples of the popular reports are:
* Known business numbers called, when, duration, by who
* Un-known numbers called peak, off peak, weekends
* Business and personal calls by person, division, cost centre
* Activity of calls to your customers, clients, suppliers and between staff members
* Cost summaries for allocation to departments, divisions and cost centres
* Full SMS text details.

Reports are automatically generated to supply you with the analysis you need. It is so easy and very simple. You select your choices from a simple web interface. Any of the reports can be printed and distributed within your business. We’ll even email each of your staff with their latest phone bill with complete itemisation… if that is what you want us to do.

Cost reduction
Just detailing your staff’s personal mobile call costs helps conserve company resources. You choose not to charge them for personal calls? Then it makes them aware of the real monetary value of having a company mobile. You do charge them? They’ll appreciate the benefit of making calls at your cheaper business rates.

Increase income
If you allocate charges and costs to clients or projects, the analyser will automate it. It ensures all charges are captured and accounted, without manual intervention.

VAT Compliance
It is very clear that it is an offence to claim back VAT on personal calls. Section 33 of the Customs & Excise VAT Guide (700) states “You cannot treat VAT incurred on purchases of goods and services as input tax unless you intend to use those goods or services for the purpose of your business.”
Our bill analyser supplies a clear distinction between personal and business calls to ensure VAT compliance.

Monitor productivity
Departmental management can easily appraise where staff activity is focused. These detailed reports analyse the contact staff have with their customers, or clients.

Save administrative time
Normal mobile bills provided by the networks are long, confusing and onerous to evaluate. Our bill analyser will save your time and company costs by automatically calculating hundreds or thousands of mobile calls with the detail you require. Even medium size companies, can easily save two to four working days every month with this service. Are your highly skilled, therefore most highly paid staff spending this amount of time on this analysis for you? Just how much can we save you?

Keep track of your telephone equipment
You started with a perfect inventory system, but does it still work as well as you would like?

It does happen even in the best of circles! Staff leave their employment with a handset and full service and the company continues to pay their bill for months. While you can probably easily retrieve the equipment, reclaiming mobile call costs without incurring other expenditure is almost impossible.

As departmental managers see the bills for each staff member monthly, it makes accountability for control of equipment clear and reduces inappropriate costs.

How does it work
We set it up for you. From your old bills, the analyser converts numbers to names. It groups all calls and the costs and allocates them to selected cost centres or managers. We can email each staff member directly with any new numbers from the lastest phone bill for categorisation as personal or business. The day, time of day, and night and duration of the call aids them to be accurate. We can email several reminders. Should staff fail to respond then managers can be advised so they can prompt any further action as needed.

Mobile bill analysis can be as detailed or as simple as you require to fit your organisation. You know it makes sense to automate routine administration as much as possible. It means that your staff spend time growing your business while the mobile bill analyser provides soft but effective monitoring and regulation.

What is measured is managed!

So call Simplisity now on Tel: 01923 200000 and make your life so much simpler.