Telecoms Audit

So you want to review the cost and performance of your telecommunications?

This may just be a matter of cost savings or for other performance related issues, or forthcoming business changes.

Simplisity's telecoms audit is an independant service to detail whatever you need to know.  All audits are guaranteed and suitable for any mix of telecoms services.


In 25 minutes we can
estimate the immediate
savings and benefits.


We gather the
information from your
existing bills... We
undertake the detailed
analysis for you.

So you want to know:

Tooltiptooltip tips

  • Where your greatest costs lie?
  • Whether you are getting the best price?
  • Or the best performance?
  • Obtaining best integration with customers or suppliers?
  • Matching the competition?

Or if you want to make projections for:

  • Moving into new premises?
  • Mergers and acquisitions?
  • Managing growth?

Simplisity can help by:

  • Analysing your current tariffs – voice, mobile and data
  • Working out your own service level availability
  • Analysing call destination trends
  • Calls between mobiles, or calls to mobiles
  • Profiling the information flow
  • Consolidating into cost centres to reduce your administration
  • Giving information on new innovative integrated systems (VoIP)
  • Disaster planning
  • Security analysis.

And much more…

An audit helps, as audits do, to give you clear information about your historic spend and use.

It also helps your understanding of where telecommunications adds value and supports your planning whether you aim to maintain or expand your position.

Let Simplisity take away the complexity call us now Tel: 01923 200000