Telecoms Consultants

We help and assist many businesses with our advice and knowledge.  The type and breadth of advice we give is really down to you and what you need.  We know that no two businesses are the same. And, no two telecoms/IT services are the same

We help in many ways.  Typical areas we tend to help with fall in to 3 main categories:

  • Technical Help

  • Operational Assistance

  • Commercial Advice

Our success is in providing expert advice and support at a realistic cost. Our advice is always practical, realistic and ensures your business needs are prioritised.

Maybe you don’t have the time or perhaps the in-house resources to do all the analysis and research needed to make informed choices? So how are you going to do something about it….?

We are easy to contact for a chat and we promise to talk to you in your language and at your pace. Simplisity was created to simplify telecoms and to take away the complexity, the acronyms and the general fear that surrounds the telecoms industry.

Simplisity will help you. Being independent assures our loyalty lies with you and not with any manufacturer, network or service provider. We have a vast range of knowledge and skills and are recognised masters in our industry.


Telecoms Consultants: Technical Advice

We have 32+ Technical engineers within our business.  Many are multi technology trained and these engineers are at the heart of our telecoms consultancy division.

Typical projects and recent advice we have given are:

  • Changing or updating all or parts of your infrastructure
  • Identifying and resolving reoccurring issues and faults that damage you business
  • Securing your IT and telecoms network from attack and fraud
  • Help with VoIP/Lync/Phone Systems and ensuring call quality is of business grade
  • Adapting legacy systems to work with modern technologies (Cloud)

Our engineers attend at least 30 working days on training courses every year.  Its the only way we can keep up with the advances in modern technology

Telecoms Consultants: Operational Advice

You may be moving, expanding or downsizing and unsure where to start? Perhaps you are considering home working or mobile working and not sure what to consider.  These are the highlights of a few projects we have recently advised on

  • Homeworking and flexible working
  • Disaster recovery implementation and management
  • Relocation of offices to new buildings
  • Seasonal flexibility to scale up and scale down your costs
  • VAT compliance with staff and business mobiles

Telecoms Consultants: Commercial Advice

Saving you money by independently auditing your current bills and benchmarking your current tariffs are typical projects we complete.  We regularly find anomalies, unwanted services and excess charges on your current bills.  

We know how stretched your IT departments are these days and we can advise to reduce these hidden staff costs by robust designs to help free up your IT resources to add real value to your business.

Successful projects we’ve completed in 2015 thus far are:

  • Wrote a complex tender for 300+ connections for a well know high street brand
  • Saved a Housing Association £3,400.00 per month
  • Negotiated better repair times on the “business critical” components for this US software company
  • Negotiated a further 10% saving on annual running costs with this UK telco

You are not alone!

Do you recognise any of these concerns?  If we had a pound for every time a business had one of these issues….!

  • Are you being asked to achieve more with less resource?
  • Held back by a budget that won’t stretch to that transformation project or technology investment?
  • Do you suspect there are meaningful savings to be unlocked from your ICT & Telecoms budget - but they’re hidden from view?
  • Are you concerned your suppliers are profiting from opaque billing and are becoming uncompetitive - but you can’t prove it?
  • Do you think there’s wastage from unused services - but can’t put your finger on exactly where?
  • Perhaps, you feel exposed to device and usage abuse, but lack the time, supporting information or policy to deal with the problem?
  • Are you worried that your limited resources are being diverted to react to day-to-day administration of your telecoms estate and users?
  • We can help you to rationalise the Telecoms you use today, to find the budget and resources you need tomorrow.
  • New technologies not working as they should or you're having trouble getting systems to operate correctly

Please contact us.  The worst thing that could happen is that we agree to do nothing together.  A brief informal chat with us and we can outline what you can achieve within 10 to 15 minutes or so.  Its simple!