The Hybrid Cloud: The Best of All Clouds


Our Hybrid Cloud IT service gives you the best of both worlds.  All the benefits of an On-Site IT infrastructure with all the benefits of a Private Cloud Infrastructure.

You get a safe, secure and reliable IT environment that’s kept current and up-to-date with the advantage of cloud payment terms. 

Benefits of this solution over traditional alternatives:

  • You'll enjoy a secure and reliable IT platform with growth
  • The system can be intelligently clustered and expanded as and when your business changes
  • All software updates and upgrades of software applications are included
  • An end to future end-of-life server replacement headaches
  • You can make local changes as and when you want.  No more form filling and endless waiting for simple changes
  • We actively monitor the services to resolve issues if they arise.  We know there is an problem before your do
  • Local IT personnel and staff availability issues are a thing of the past
  • Available on Cloud commercial payment terms – predictable monthly payments
  • More reliable and far more sophisticated than traditional self-build alternatives
  • World Class support and service
  • Automated Secure Back up to the Cloud
  • Fantastic Disaster Recovery flexibility to keep your business operational no matter what catastrophe may happen

We believe this solution is the best option in the market for businesses with up to 400 staff.  It delivers the best performance for users in the office, as well as continuing to support remote users in the most secure and reliable way.

Hybrid IT is becoming the operational norm in the market today, and typically refers to the convergence and integration of on-premise IT, including that run in a private cloud, and remotely hosted IT services, including those run in a public cloud.

It is a firmly held belief by industry leaders, analysts and media that a hybrid approach will be the end state in the evolution of Cloud technology, where businesses choose the best combination of IT services for their requirements and constraints.


What are your Choices for IT? 

Until now, there have only really been three options to support the IT in your business:

  1. Remote Public Cloud - Suppliers offering you application software, utility software and/or physical servers and infrastructure
  2. Private Datacentre - Build your own infrastructure in a very private and secure environment
  3. Local IT - Keep your IT equipment and software within your premises

....But now, Hybrid Cloud gives you a fourth option  Lets look at the benefits in more detail.


Hybrid cloud


We’ve summarised here for you the traditional 3 ways in which IT is delivered to small and medium businesses today (2014).  We compare these to our Hybrid Cloud service, which we believe is the best option in the market today;

What are your alternatives?

You will probably be already familiar with the current choices you have:

1. Cloud

You could move all your IT and host it off site in the "cloud" at remote data centres.  Cloud services come in 3 flavours of capability to deliver the applications and environments required.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

2. Datacentre

You could build your own datacentre in a remote location or a Private Remote Datacentre somewhere.  This is not normally possible for small and medium businesses due to the huge costs involved, but as a business grows to the size of a large Enterprise this may become a feasible option.

3. Local IT

You keep your IT at your premises to deliver services to users based in a building/s (and connect to additional buildings/offices across a network).  You will also need to consider services such as security, file and print services etc.  These are typically built on a component-by-component basis from the pieces needed.  This means procuring and selecting components, buying in hardware, software and expertise needed to deliver the infrastructure.  On top of this there are the associated ongoing support costs associated with keeping it up-to-date, backed up and recoverable in any disaster.

4. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud gives the best of both worlds. ie local IT connectivity within your building, but with everything backed up and stored in the cloud.  Cloud Managed Service Appliances have emerged that deliver IT in your office, remotely managed and monitored by a delivery partner, with the benefit of Cloud commercial terms.  This is the Simplisity solution.