MPLS VPN allows the secure exchange of data across a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and cost effective communication between company sites, remote workers, business partners and clients. It comes with a range of access options, including ADSL, LLU, FTTC and Ethernet.

The product provides any to any IP Wide Area Network (WAN) services and can be designed in full mesh or hub and spoke technologies. It is designed for multi-sited enterprises and for those with remote workers that need to simply and securely access their internal corporate network.

 Sites and employees can be linked via a private IP network which is easy to provision and manage. Our service does not need expensive routers and security software.

 MPLS offers a high-performance network to run demanding applications such as IP telephony, email, file transfer and data sharing.


Why MPLS from Simplisity?

Simplisity is materially different to any traditional UK carrier as it is a carrier integrator, not an operator. Simplisity has invested significantly in building its own large scale Core Integration Facility, into which it integrates multiple access technologies from all the main UK carriers. This gives Simplisity the ability to create the most compelling customer solutions using a multiple carrier approach in any individual network design. Simplisity supplies the equipment, the configurations and security and connects everything to its 24/7 Network Management Centre.




Multi VLAN

Multi VLAN services are available on dedicated Ethernet access enabling, for example, the deployment of MPLS VPN traffic across one VLAN and Dedicated Internet Access across the second VLAN. You are able to utilise both networks across one link, negating the need for separate connections and therefore significantly reducing costs.


Features summary

·         Bespoke, secure, private MPLS network

·         Resilient network with automatic failover

·         Range of private IP addresses

·         Uncongested business grade network

$1·         Multiple DSL and Ethernet carriers


Benefits summary

·         Migrate existing VPNs without the need for site re-addressing

·         More cost effective than traditional solutions

·         Easy to scale using MPLS