Security: Privacy, Protection and Control

The three critical components that we apply to any security system are Privacy, Protection and Control. This enables your business to increase productivity whilst maintaining privacy and legal obligation and compliance.

The fast pace of modern business means you will be more reliant on your IT systems than ever before. As you adopt new technologies such as Wireless Networking, Mobile Data and Voice over IP, the structures of networks are altered, displaying fresh vulnerabilities.

It is crucial to protect your data from Viruses, data thieves and those out to cause chaos.

Understanding the nature of communications in your business, how critical your information is and where possible threats come from is essential. You may only require limited IT security such as a firewall or anti virus. Alternatively, you may need a comprehensive multi-layered approach with constant monitoring.

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Security is not just a product or a service… it’s a business attitude

New security threats and legislation put increased pressure on business networks to be reliable and secure. Simplisity views security as an ‘embedded’ feature of all networking products, not a separate addition.

The main security issues we’re resolving for our customers are:

  • Worms and Viruses
  • Information Theft
  • Business Availability
  • Internal “Luddites”
  • Security Legislation.

Unified Threat Management, (UTM), is an emerging trend in the firewall and appliance security market. It is the evolution of the traditional firewall in to a product that not only guards against intrusion but performs content filtering, spam filtering, intrusion detection and anti-virus duties traditionally handled by multiple devices.

Simplisity provides services to assist with:

  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP)
  • Virus, Trojans and malicious code Prevention
  • Web Content Filtering for pornography and undesirable content
  • Virtual Private Network & SSL
  • Anti Spam and Email Content Filtering
  • Ad ware and Spy ware Prevention and Detection
  • End Point Security
  • Authentication.

Viruses, accidental loss of data, information theft, data protection, unauthorised access and hacking are avoidable when the correct precautions are observed.

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