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Mobile Phone email


By using a pocket
PC/Personal Digital
Assistant or a mobile
telephone, you can
access your emails
wherever you are!.


Mobile phone email

This means you can make the most of your time on the move, be more responsive, get more done straight away and keep on top of any situation. You can chose from a wide range of mobile phones.

email mobiles

Pocket PC or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

A Pocket PC is a small, highly portable computer. However, instead of using a keyboard, Pocket PCs recognise your handwriting – some even feature a small keyboard.

  • E-mails, calendar appointments, contact information and tasks can all be synchronised with the information you see in Microsoft Outlook.
  • You can even download Microsoft Word and Excel documents to read and edit anywhere.
  • Some also have built-in wireless or Bluetooth™ connections enabling remote connection to the Internet and your network.

We can supply all leading makes of pocket PC including HP, Nokia, Palm, Acer.

pocket PCs

Choose your phone

Business Email is a software application that downloads onto any mobile phone that supports the service. For a full list of mobile phones that support Business email,

Please contact us for a full up to date list on
01923 200000now.

Add personalised applications

Choose from a wide range of business applications to add to your mobile phone.

Edit, download and view your attachments

Open any attachments you’ve been sent and edit documents on your phone.

Email management

You also have two inboxes so you can keep your texts and emails in separate folders for easy access.

Contact Simplisity for more details on 01923 200000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.