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Mobile Internet laptop is the growth area...do we invest in this??

Mobile data keeps you connected to office systems no matter where you are
  • Remain contactable and responsive
  • Improve productivity when out of the office
  • Increase access to information
  • Cost savings since you only pay for what you use.

You can respond to customers and process orders without delay. This improvement in customer relations will help you to close sales in a shorter time.

What can you do with mobile data?
  • Maximise travelling and waiting time productively
  • Send and receive e-mail via your company account
  • Access files on your company server such as stock levels and delivery times
  • Process orders and close jobs quickly
  • Supply information without delay
  • Send, receive and view attachments
  • Manage your calendar, diary, tasks and folders.
Mobile data solutions needn't be expensive

Plenty of mobile data solutions can integrate with laptops, PDAs and other handheld devices that may already exist in your organisation. This keeps your expenditure down and avoids any major learning curves and disruption.

Who uses mobile data?
  • Busy executives and travelling professionals
  • Workers who spend time away from their desks
  • People with high e-mail usage
  • People who access or share diaries and contacts
  • Anyone needing frequent contact with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.

We'll work with you to identify your needs and make sure the mobile data services are right for your business. Every business is different and no two Mobile Data solutions are the same. We take the time to listen and understand your business. Only then will we use our knowledge to recommend what is best for your staff and operations.

Our solutions include:
Data Cards 3G Broadband

Send and receive email messages and download large attachments.

Connect remotely to your company network.

Utilises your previous investment in Laptops etc.

Integrates with existing Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Business Email and PDA’s

Wide choice of phones and devices.

Add your personalised applications.

Edit, download and view your attachments.


Always connected, no need to dial in… email comes to you.

Really useful additions including Sat-Nav.

Fantastic battery life.

Mobile Datacards
data card

The 3G datacard can be used with almost any laptop to provide high-speed internet.

There's no need for a separate mobile phone and there's no complicated set-up process. Simply install the easy-to-use Dashboard software and then slide the data card into your laptop. Apple Mac’s can be supported too.

You will enjoy connection speeds up to seven times faster than a 56k modem.

Keeping Connected: If you find yourself in an area without 3G coverage, it'll keep you connected by switching automatically to the well-established GPRS data service.

You know it makes sense to consider this seriously. Contact Simplisity Now… on 01923 200000