Business Phone Lines

Your Business Phone Line is still the major lifeline for any business.

The cost to make phone calls continues to fall. New technologies like Voice over the Internet (VoIP) is forcing network providers to reduce their costs all the time.

We broker discounted call rates with many different networks to provide you with reduced costs and high quality service to sustain your business. Being independent means we are impartial and have no particular allegiance or motive to recommend one network over another. Thus, you are assured it is your best interests that motivate us.

Because our team have been in this industry so long, we know the strengths and weaknesses of all networks. You will benefit from this experience and knowledge when you use Simplisity.

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“Everyone offers discounted calls”

Yes, its big business and there are many telecom companies competing. We have the influence to get customised tariffs based on your actual business calling pattern… you will not be tied into an “off the shelf” tariff that saves you some money when calling some destinations but costs you more on others.Ask for a free tariff review.Cash back or Free Minutes?

One size does not fit all! We offer either cash back or free minutes

Our negotiating powers are such that we will make sure you get a good deal on landlines. We believe we are the first to offer a cash-back facility. Here are some real examples of savings and cash-backs we have brokered: Contact us for a quotation today: 01923 200000

Business Phone Line Examples

Monthly Spend
Simplisity Annual Saving
Cash Back

Company One




Company Two




Company Three




These are real savings and cash-back examples negotiated between February and March 2014

What choices do you have?

Want free calls between offices? Want to transfer your customer to someone working remotely? VoIP is the solution

Also by partnering with us, you will not be held to contract ransom. You’ll have the reassurance you can migrate to suitable alternatives such as VoIP before your contract expires.

Calling Mobiles
Typically, over 60% of your phone costs will be due to calls to mobile phones. You can reduce this by at least 40% by using our Mobile Gateway Service. More if we arrange your business mobiles too.

Direct Voice Connections

Direct voice is a dedicated link between your site and the network provider.

You will enjoy substantial cost savings on line rental and call charges.

Other benefits of Direct Voice include:

  • Single Supplier for Line Rental and Call Costs
  • Options for business resilience and diversity
  • Additional call management services
  • Improved Service Level Guarantees (SLG’s)
Indirect Voice

Indirect Voice or Carrier Pre Select (CPS) is a simple and cost-effective way of routing calls to your chosen network. The local telephone exchange is programmed to automatically route your calls over the network provider without you having to dial an access code, re-programme your telephone system, or install automatic dialling equipment.

Because no additional hardware needs to be installed, your existing telephone numbers can be automatically transferred with zero disruption to your service.

  • No site survey
  • No installation of equipment
  • No need for a new line to be installed
  • No customer equipment required
Benefits of Simplisity Voice service
  • Excellent call quality as we only use Tier 1 networks to carry your traffic.
  • Save money – We use our influence to ensure you receive rates normally only enjoyed by much higher spending companies. Up to 80% savings over BT standard packages.
  • Customised tariffs for specific call profiles.
  • Simple, clear tariffs with no hidden charges – what you see is what you get. No inflationary increase clauses, no hidden connection fees, or minimum charges.
  • Guaranteed tariff review within contract period. We never sign you up for a long term contract and then leave you on uncompetitive prices in the latter stages.
  • Extension billing or DDI billing (where possible).
  • E-alert ”Fraud Monitoring Service".

Contact us now on 01923 200000….it could be the best few minutes you have spent.

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  • Convergence: Convergence does not have to be a single ‘big bang’ event. An incremental approach that evolves at your pace according to changing business needs and previous investment can be adopted.
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