Call Centres

You can truly differentiate your business with value added call centre technology, whether you work from single or multiple sites. Simplisity helps to add a new dimension to the control of calls.

You can handle calls at more than one site, split incoming calls to match staff shifts, or route calls at different times… to Timbuktu if you want.

We can simply help you to increase your flexibility, maximise your resources, minimise customer delay. This increases efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our options include:

  • Sophisticated and intelligent routing of inbound calls
  • Time routing: route to different sites or agents, depending on when the call is received
  • Point of origin: route by originating telephone number depending on the originating country, area or city.
  • Network call redirect: re-route calls on busy or no-answer.

From automatic call distribution to predictive dialling, our call management services makes call handling more effective for your business while delivering excellent customer experience.

The technology can reside in the network or it can be installed in your premises… talk to us and we will recommend the most suitable solution for your needs.

Common features
Automated dialler solutions

These scalable dialler solutions are suited to large and small operations in sales, telemarketing, support services, and credit management environments. We allow the business to measure and manage outbound call activity to maximise utilisation and performance of resources, effectiveness of campaigns and ensure that call-back promises are kept.

Call centre packages

A modular software suite allows you to mix and match inbound and outbound contact handling features. We provide highly functional, cost-effective packages that can be rapidly deployed. Our call centre solutions are ideally suited to smaller operations that want call management, predictive dialler and reporting capabilities that have been traditionally viable only in large call centres.

Disaster plan

As the name suggests, this gives you a contingency plan. In emergencies, calls can be re-routed to a predefined number ensuring that they are not lost.

It is also possible to re-route calls remotely via the web and through telephone dial-in.

Time of day

This allows you to plan the routing of calls on a time of day basis. You can ensure that they are always routed to the best answering point dependant on the time of the call.

The most obvious example is ‘out of hours’ answering when calls might be redirected to an answering facility between the hours of 6.00pm and 8.00 am.

Similar options available are: Day of week, Specific Date, National Holidays, Call Ratio.

As with Time of day these all allow for the specific routing of calls based on defined parameters.

This gives you the opportunity to ensure that at any time calls will always be routed to the most suitable answering facility, service or person.

Home Call Centre

We can use traditional telephone network or use VoIP. Have staff working at home. Conserve energy, retain key staff by offering flexible working. Above and beyond simple routing features, there are yet further features that can be applied to cover other contingencies or situations, the most common examples of these are featured below:-

Pre-recorded messages

You customers can be forwarded to pre-recorded announcements or voicemails that are activated after working hours or when the telephone lines are busy.

Area-based routing

This is a particularly useful facility that allows calls to be routed according to the location of the calling party. For example, you may advertise one Freephone Number across the whole of the UK, but would want calls made from the London area to be answered in London, calls within Scotland in Edinburgh, and calls from the South West in Bristol etc.

There is a range of routing options that can be considered depending on the specific requirements of your campaign based around the following criteria:

  • National Plan
  • City Plan
  • Regional Plan
  • County Plan
  • Postal Plan
  • STD plan
  • Exchange Area plan.
Call divert options

This is effectively a ‘catch all’ to ensure that all calls will eventually be presented at a suitable answering point. If an answering facility is busy or not answering, the calls are re-routed to another pre-defined destination.

You can even specify multiple follow on destinations therefore reducing the chance of a caller ever receiving a busy tone or remaining un-answered.

Voice response options

The caller can be given numbered options to choose from and upon pressing the appropriate number on their phone, they are transferred to a specific answering point.

However, there is nothing more frustrating than calling a company and pressing multiple option buttons only to reach the wrong person. This being said, menus can be effective if call routing options are programmed correctly. At Simplisity, we will work with you to ensure that the service design is a service you would be happy to use.

Have a look at the following “Menu” to see what is possible:
  • Menu: Allows for a virtual menu e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for finance etc.
  • Mid call transfer: Allows customers to redirect a call at no extra cost to another number or location.
  • Operator: Virtual hunt group looking for the most suitable person available to answer the call, routing the call by skill set.
  • Ratio: Allows routing of calls to be spread across sites or specific numbers.
  • Call recording: Record calls, a certain percentage of calls or record specific calls (even if you are at the end of the call!).
  • Divert: Allows calls to be diverted on busy or no answer to any other number – perfect for overflow or specific people who move about.
  • Time: Allows routing of calls based on time of day and day of week.
  • Broadcast: Allows a recorded message to be broadcast to any phone number.
  • Voicemail: Remote configuration, notification available via text or email.
  • Area: Allow callers to speak to a local site or number by routing calls from a specific area to a specific destination.
  • Audio: Initial greeting that can be recorded and changed by the customer.
  • Geographic numbers: Have a London number with all the functionality of a non geographic number.
  • Conference calling: Available from anywhere in the world.
  • Locator: A single dedicated number which will call you in up to 4 locations to make sure you are always reached.
  • Credit card: Allows phone based payments to be made, customer must have their own merchant account.
  • Product ordering: Allows specific ordering over the phone with cross-referenced numbers given to the customer and supplier.
Other related products

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