Conference Calls

Not just for the internationals and conglomerates

Audio Conferencing is a flexible, cost-effective service that is so simple to use. Information is shared and effective decisions made much faster. Your staff productivity increases since reduced travel saves on both time and energy. And, you will noticeably prune your company travel expenses.


The audio conferencing service is ideal for regular meetings, project reviews and training events involving multiple remote participants. The service is used over standard telephones and operated via a simple web interface that you control.

  1. Full web-enabled booking system
  2. Instant or scheduled conferences
  3. Pre-timed SMS Reminders
  4. Email Invitations and Reminders
  5. Secure and private
  6. View active and pending conferences.
The no-subscription service option

Our service has been designed with occasional conference users in mind. Account holders are set up with a monthly account to which all conference calls are billed at the end of each month.

Conference call charges to the account holder will be usage based only, and there are no monthly subscription fees. The account holder is charged for each participant in the conference call at a rate per minute. Other conference participants only pay the cost to dial the 0870 conference number and will not be billed.

You will only be charged for actual conference minutes used.

Important Note: Pricing is approximately 25% lower than BT Conferencing.

Call Simplisity Tel: 01923 200000 right now and we’ll get you set up straight away.