GSM Gateway (FCT: Fixed Cellular Terminal)

The mobile GSM Gateway reduces the call costs from fixed landlines to mobiles. The GSM Gateway is an intelligent device that connects to your existing phone system or IT infrastructure (incl VoIP). Users do not notice its presence as they make a call in the usual way. You save between 30% - 50% as the call is directed to a much cheaper mobile-to-mobile network. The average cost of a call from a fixed line to a mobile is 9p per minute. With a Mobile GSM Gateway this cost can be cut to an average of 4p - 5p per minute. A very significant saving!


Who are Mobile GSM Gateways for?

Most companies! It is estimated that more than 50% of all call spend is due to calling mobiles,
yet it is only 20% of total call volume? That is increasing annually so most companies will see an immediate benefit of a GSM Gateway.

How does the Mobile GSM Gateway benefit your business?
  • Cost: You should see reductions of 30% - 50% off calls to mobiles on your next bill
  • Continuity: The Mobile GSM Gateway can provide business continuity should your usual lines break down. Your office staff will be able to make and receive calls
  • Messaging: It connects to your email system allowing SMS texts to be sent and recorded from PC's.

Recent examples of savings can be found here: GSM Gateway Example Savings.

  • Rent, buy, lease or have a managed service
  • We will carry out a site survey to ensure your location is suitable for a GSM gateway -
    we check capacity to two cells for each mobile network in your area
  • We manage the equipment and service and provide statistics on usage at no cost to you
  • Our solution has been tailored to conform to all OFCOM rules, regulations and guidance
  • IP, ISDN, SIP, VoIP and all major interfaces.
How does it work?

The GSM Gateway sits neatly alongside your telephone System. It holds a number of SIM cards. Each time a call is made to a mobile number, it is diverted through the Gateway. Therefore, the call is registered as a mobile-to-mobile call rather than a fixed line to mobile call, which is how the company takes advantage of the lower tariff costs for mobile calls.

What about the call quality?

You will notice no difference to usual office phone calls. The quality is just as good.

Simplisity Managed GSM Gateway service

Our Managed GSM gateway service is the most popular option for businesses that use over 5,000 minutes per month calling mobiles. It ensures that we stay comitted to maximising you savings and ensures we don't "run away" after we sell you a "box".

Our Managed GSM gateway service uses our NMS (Network Management) platform. This operates 24/7 365 days a year. The system collates information from our deployed GSM Gateways over IP (Internet) and automatically notifies us. This offers:

  • Daily heartbeat – this is performed by the unit to tells us it is operating correctly. If a report is not received we can action this. With other GSM Gateway providers, depending on the deployment method, the GSM Gateway could have been disconnected for a period of time without your knowledge. This can have serious commercial implications.
  • Daily Call collection – we collect & monitor all the calls routing via the unit, We can also monitor any slippage to the landline network & advise if commercial action is required.
  • ISDN30 monitoring – Should the ISDN30 between the PBX or the Landline network fail we are advised & can report to you or the nominated contact.
  • ASR monitoring – We set acceptable thresholds of connected calls to the mobile network, should these not be reached the unit will advise us & we can take measures to rectify with the mobile network operator.
  • SMS – ability for key staff or services i.e. server monitoring etc to send SMS. Should a key service develop a fault, if the application has the ability to send a email, we can convert into a SMS notification for you.
How do I find out more about Mobile GSM Gateway?

Please contact us for an informal chat on 01923 200000. Alternatively, you can request a free quotation or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.