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Gold Landline Numbers from BT - Buy memorable Phone Numbers

BT Gold landline numbers in stock

We hold a super stock of approximately 8,600 very memorable gold UK numbers from nearly every BT telephone exchange in the UK.  We only deal with original BT numbers since these can be moved to almost any other telecoms operator.  BT Numbers can be moved to VoIP, to virtual numbers and then back again.  No other telephone operator gives you as much flexibility as BT numbers do.

Please contact us and we can share these numbers with you.  Please call us on 01923 200000.

Benefits of a good landline number

  • Easy to remember
  • Looks good on marketing material
  • Implies trust
  • Impressive on business cards
  • Indicates your business is well established


Free Expert Advice

We buy and sell Golden and premium landline numbers. We prefer to source original BT phone numbers as you can knowingly move these numbers to any provider you like, either now or at any time in the future.  This will keep your business flexible.

We can also source numbers from other Telecoms Operators....basically any of the top 10 UK Telecom companies. However, even these have some restrictions and it is only BT who has an agreement with all 400+ operators to allow numbers to be moved so freely.

Please be careful who you source your numbers from as it’s very important to give your business the maximum flexibility in the future. There is a code amongst fellow telecoms providers to allow "porting" of numbers. (See below for porting).

Numbers from smaller operators make it a risky choice for you and we would strongly recommend you stay away from these providers, no matter how good the number looks today, it could restrict you in the future.  If you do go with a lesser known operator, please make sure you ask them now for a list of the operators they can port to.  At least then, you can make an informed decision, you'll know your choices and you'll be aware of any risks.

What happens after you buy the number from us?

It's simple. You can:-

  • Port the number to a provider of your choice.
  • Contract with us for the supply of the number and any lines or features to go with it.

We can supply you a range of Services:  Virtual Number, Call forwarding, VoIP, Hosted, Landline and SIP Services.

We are happy to provide a working phone line along with the number if you require a traditional landline.  Alternatively, we can forward the number to you current office or mobile numbers.  VoIP, SIP and Hosted Telephony choices too.


How much do your landline numbers cost?

Prices start at £225.00 one off purchase price. There are no "extra" monthly charges for our BT landline numbers.

Recent Super Successes

We easily source over 20 golden numbers a month to various taxi companies.  We also help companies market themselves as they move in to new towns and cities 

What is porting?

Porting is an agreed process between telephone operators to allow you to retain your number when changing suppliers.  The process is regulated in the UK and all operators are bound by their licence to oblige. (This "porting" process is well known in the mobile industry).

Typically it takes around 12 working days to port your number.

Some companies charge an administration fee to port numbers and some don’t.  The process isn’t as complicated as porting mobile numbers since you do not need any special authorisation codes.  Your suppliers will simply work together following the regulated industry porting process.

We do not charge to port numbers away from or to us.  In fact, we complete the porting forms on your behalf to help with a smooth transition as part of our service to you.

When a Landline number isn't a Landline number (Virtual)

There are lots of companies offering different types of numbers.  Beware of the "virtual numbers". Obviously if you want a virtual number, we can supply those too.  However, there are quite often lots of hidden costs with those, so be careful.

You can convert a landline number to a virtual number, but its almost impossible to convert a virtual number to a landline number.  If the virtual number is a BT number, then you stand a very good chance that this can become a traditional landline in the future. 

What types of numbers are there?

Landlines or geographic numbers start with either 01 or 02 in the UK.  With traditional landlines, your postcode will dictate what number ranges are available.  BT has over 5,400 telephone exchanges in the UK and only one of these exchanges will serve your property.

If you are after a nice number and want to use it with a technology like VoIP or SIP, then obviously, you won’t have the same postcode constraints.  Any of our numbers can work with VoIP or SIP.


Superb ideas for your business

Some like to test advertising by using different numbers on different adverts. This allows you to see what advertising works and what advertising doesn’t. Eg after time, you can compare to see how many calls you got using number A in advert A, versus, the amount of calls you got using number B in advert B.

Before you incur the costs of opening new premises in a new town, a great way to test and establish your business in a new area, to see if its worth expanding to open new business premises there, is to advertise a local number first. However, our numbers can be virtualised and then changed to a dedicated line later if you decide to actually go ahead and open the physical office there.


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