Cloud Phone Systems


When you choose a new office Phone System, its something that really important, but its not really like buying any other comodity.  Its probably something you buy every three years at best!  So how and where do you start?


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You want to be sure that the system you choose will not hinder your business, that it works all the time and that its affordable and you have great support.'ll end up getting nice shiny shoed salespeople in....all throwing 1000+ features and benefits, most of which you will never really use.  Then you have to decide the manufacturer?  There are loads: Cisco, Mitel, Panasonic, Avaya, Shoretel etc.

You will probably look at the pricing and then you will decide.  Hopefully not died of jargon boredom in the meantime!


This page gives you a bit or an idea and we hope it will help.  Its based on many years experience and its a sort of quick cheat sheet for you.


The chances are you will either be a technical person or more operational.  We could list the technical and operational suggestions on one page, but we thought you can chose where to go next to help take the most appropriate steps.

so please chose one of the following:


I am not technical at all

I am fairly technical

I am very technical


Just clcik on one the above links and we hope you have a pleasant journey of research.