Telephone Switchboard

Our strong established relationships with all the major Telephone Switchboard manufacturers (Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, PABXsoft, Panasonic, Proteus, Samsung, Siemens) and expertise in this sector guarantees that we can identify which system will meet your specific requirements.


In today's business world, changes are inevitable. Of course, you could just sit back and watch it all happen or you could consider this changing environment as a major opportunity. By integrating new information and communication capabilities you get the chance to redefine your organisational structures and processes, enabling you to unleash the potential of your business by making it nimble and reactive.

Phone Switchboard

We can offer Voice over IP and integrate your company’s data, Internet and voice systems.

You could benefit from Voicemail, messaging to mobile, advanced call routing, Call Status, (TAPI interface) Screen popping that is able to present the callers company details in addition to the number, VoIP , WLAN support, Auto attendant, Call record to email, Call logging, Remote maintenance access… Numerous benefits to your organisation and far too many to list here… please get in touch for a chat.

Let our specialists design the most cost effective telecommunication solutions in the market for your organisation. Homeworkers can be an extension of your system, as if they were sitting in the office next to you. Branches and subsidiaries can enjoy free intra-company calling too.

We have experience in systems that range from 4 users to 4000. From 1 office to linking 300 branches. From calls answered in California being transferred to Dublin or London. For more information call Simplisity now on 01923 200000.

How do we go forward?

Get in touch…we need to understand what you want to do. We’ll then make our recommendation to you. Even if you are shopping around and you know what you want, give us a chance to quote. It is unlikely many will have our purchasing power with as much choice from so many manufacturers.

The next steps depend on whether you want to replace, upgrade or install a new system. There are also many payment options available with various support and maintenance guarantees.

What happens if I want a New Phone System?

We will work with you to:

  • Size and scale the system
  • Determine who will need what facilities to ensure calls are handled in the best way
  • For instance, do you want to set up an internal call rota, or centre, or transfer calls to home workers or mobile employees?
  • Consider any income generating potential. And how your business will benefit immediately and in the future.

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  • Contact centres: How many calls go unanswered? How long before your caller hangs up and goes elsewhere? We can help you to generate more sales calls and handle them efficiently.
  • Convergence: Convergence does not have to be a single ‘big bang’ event. An incremental approach that evolves at your pace according to changing business needs and previous investment can be adopted.
  • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol): If you switch your phone calls to a VoIP technology, you can merge voice and data, boost staff productivity and enhance customer service. It is also another way of reducing your bills, using your IT Network for phone calls between branches and the Internet for external calls.
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  • Consultancy: It is all a little more complex? You would prefer to start by clarifying what you want to achieve within your organisation and would appreciate help from one of our MBA qualified consultants as well as someone from the Telecoms team. We are happy to tailor a consultancy service to your requirements. Understanding business is how Simplisity makes telecoms work for you.

Don’t delay! Call Simplisity now on Tel: 01923 200000