About Us

Simplisity Communications Ltd is an independent, business focussed, telecommunication specialists offering the full range of Voice, Data-Internet and Mobile/Mobility services. The current trend towards converging all telecom services onto a single network means we are ideally suited to giving your business the edge with the intelligent use of telecoms.

We save you money and increase your productivity and efficiency… Simply improving your bottom line. You’ll enjoy the quality, value and innovation we offer. Our modular approach allows new technology to be adopted without the complications of massive change.

We are totally independent of any single supplier, manufacturer or network.

Our independence should reassure you that we have your business objectives in mind, not the networks.


about us

We simplify what is a very technical market. It is our people that make the difference. Their experience has come from making over 15,000 business connections.

Our History

With over 20+ years experience in the telecoms industry for many of the sector’s major organisations, BT, Cable & Wireless, O2, Cisco, etc, and proven qualification and expertise in business management and finance we decided to form our own company. Our aim is to bring simplicity to a quickly evolving market both technically and in customer care.

Our People

All our staff and management are seasoned professionals. Each has many years experience, in various specialised fields in the telecoms industry meeting hundreds of clients differing needs. Our experience is so broad, we cannot think of a single telecommunication solution that we have not deployed.

To safeguard your interests, staff performance is measured by customer satisfaction and retention.
We are committed to developing and training our staff to ensure we remain at the forefront of a very rapidly changing market.

The team operates either from our London office or one of our regional sites. Our flat management structure reduces bureaucracy, accelerates decision making and gives you a personalised service.

All of our core functions such as support, service, billing and administration are centralised in our main office.

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