Working for Simplisity

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Simplisity as Employers

Simplisity is a flexible, creative and responsive organisation. The constant development of new technology in telecommunications and the highly competitive nature of the sector means we must constantly update, upskill and innovate.

In consequence, we work in a stimulating environment but underpinned by a clear set of values. Our core organisational values are integrity, loyalty and commitment to our customers, clients and personnel. We aim to work with our staff to imbue these qualities in all of their transactions internally and externally.

In addition to normal remuneration and any role associated bonus scheme we offer:


Personal Development

Simplisity is committed to giving its employees every opportunity to pursue their own personal development, raise their standards of performance and enhance career prospects. We will support you in training and the development you need, both on and off the job, to achieve your full potential, and which in turn will help us to meet our targets.

Generous Holiday Entitlements

The leave allowance is usually between 20 and 30 working days per year, depending upon grade and length of experience.

Childcare Vouchers

The Childcare Voucher scheme enables you to exchange part of your salary for Childcare Vouchers. The vouchers are exempt from national insurance and tax and therefore represent a saving for employees who wish to purchase childcare. The vouchers can be used to pay virtually any childcare provider.

Flexible Working

Simplisity has a flexi-time policy, which enables you to meet your social commitments as well as your responsibilities as an employee.

Pension Scheme

A contributory scheme to which employees contribute 6% of their salary.

Equal Opportunity

We aim to be equal opportunity employers and will consider all applicants for appointment and promotion on their merits, regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality or disability.

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