Frequently Asked Questions about us?


Q: How do I know you can deliver best value?

A: We are independent advisors/brokers. Our staff have 20+ years experience of the telecoms industry. We understand the technology and the telecom sector so we know the suppliers, the products, how they work and when anything new comes along we can find our way around easily. We employ these skills on your behalf.


Q: How much will Simplisity charge me?

A: We get paid a commission by the networks so there is usually no additional charge for our standard services. These vary from free consultancy to product advice. Other costs depend upon the service you want. You can outsource your infrastructure to us and even share savings using our supplier renegotiation products, or for an agreed commission we can develop a tender for you.


Q: So you are a middleman, why don’t I go direct to one of the major suppliers directly?

A: You could but the major suppliers tend to offer standard rates and you would not know anything about the rates of the other dozens of suppliers, or perhaps more significantly the quality of their support services. These suppliers are dedicated to maximising your spend. We as brokers are dedicated to achieving the best value for you. That means resolving the equation cost + service = value to you. It is also very difficult to make comparisons between the major suppliers. There are hundreds of tariffs which change frequently, hence the benefit of using a specialist organisation.


Q: If you middle men didn’t exist wouldn’t the costs of telecoms be even lower? You say that the suppliers pay you not us, so wouldn’t they be able to charge even less if they didn’t pay you?

A: No, in fact, they would not; their charges might even be much higher. They really do not require the challenge of negotiating individually with every business. We fulfil the role of an outsourced but independent sales force. If we did not exist, the main suppliers would have to pay for a large in-house sales staff team or manage additional shop front premises and that would be much more expensive. We are not paid for trying, only for results.


Q: There are other middlemen why shouldn’t I go to them?

A: There are indeed, there are an awful lot of single salesmen out there that is true. They were taken on as part of a sales force for a year or two, and trained on a couple of products but they don’t really understand the converging of technology. They have set out to do what they were taught to do but without the broad technical understanding and infrastructure support. Our personnel have many years experience as engineers and as product specialists. The staff team are supported by our board members who have professional experience and qualifications in law, accountancy and business management. That means they have reputations to uphold and a lot to lose personally if Simplisity does not operate ethically.


Q: So what can I expect from Simplisity.

A: Cost Cutting: Based on the information you give us about your current usage we undertake to analyse the current market provision and negotiate the best possible deal for you at the time. We promise not to be influenced by any commission differences between suppliers and to act in your interests only. Powering your business: Tell us what you would like to improve in your business and we’ll advise how telecommunications will assist. That doesn’t necessarily mean more spend either, it could mean a reduction in costs. Product Selection: We will give detailed information about any of the products within our range and be open and honest about any limitations or special requirements needed to make their usage optimal. We demystify telecoms so our explanations about how they work will correspond to your interest in the technology. Customer Care: We will stay in contact with you and check that you are satisfied with the service we have provided. If there are any problems, we will work diligently to resolve them. Continuing Service: We will let you know of any major changes in the telecommunications industry and advise if there are benefits for you in renegotiating contracts well before your contract ends.


Q: How can I be sure of good service?

A: If we don’t satisfy you, we lose you as a customer. If we can keep our existing customers, it makes our life much easier. And that answers at least four more questions about why we work hard to give you good service.


Q: What networks do you work with?

A: The list is exhaustive. Familiar names you will know are BT, Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Thus, COLT, Uniworld, Frontier. We also deal with newer IP providers such as Voicenet, Inclarity and Viatel.


Q: How will my business benefit from advances in technology?

A: Technology will only develop if it offers you real tangible benefits. One of the biggest advantages about working with us is that we’ll help you introduce new technology at a pace to suit your business; gradually or through swift stages. We cannot stress enough the importance of working with an experienced organisation. Our industry is littered with numerous horror stories where new technologies have been adopted with a big bang approach and without planned milestones and checks to ensure your business continuity.


Q: If we need to purchase anything new, do you offer flexible payment terms.

A: We offer both Lease Purchase and Lease Rental services. The advantage of leasing is that it allows you to claim 100% of the costs immediately against TAX, rather than the 25% limit with your annual write down allowance.


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